Free CRM for Linkedin
  • Database of your contacts with email
  • Export contacts data to other CRMs
  • Export data from Sales Navigator to CSV
Works with Chrome extension
Exporting contacts from Sales Navigator

With one click, you can upload all useful contact information to csv, with the ability to export to any crm (SalesForce, AmoCRM etc).

Contacts are analyzed and saved in your database.

Data export works in the background, so you can continue to work with Sales Navigator during export.

Base of your contacts

When you connect the LinkedCRM Chrome app, contacts are gradually transferred to your database.

Contacts are analyzed and sorted by activity, in the future you will be able to filter them according to various criteria that are not available in the Linkedin search.

Then you can add tags, notes, share contacts with the team, create projects, etc.


You can create personal projects, or with the access of your team.

CRM has standard recruiting and sales project templates.

You can also create a project template with suitable funnel stages for your business.

Quick access from Linkedin

You can add contacts to projects directly from the Linkedin website.

On the message page, when you click on a contact, the necessary information is automatically displayed, where you can quickly add a tag or note.

Mailing controls are also loaded on Linkedin for quick access.

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